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Charles became involved with Approved Medlaw Services in early 2011 after the Sydney medico-legal practice where he was previously employed as General Manager was sold to investors. He had joined that practice in 2003 as Client Liaison Manager following a lengthy period as managing director of an international sports franchise business.



As the General Manager he was responsible for the company operations including liaison with WorkCover NSW and their agents, self insurers, legal firms, commerce and industry in general.  Charles also managed the practice medical panel, and all the regional rooms.  He was responsible for all issues relating to appointments, reporting, quality control, finance, training, sales and marketing, industrial relations, dispute resolution, and the like.  He oversaw the growth of the company from a basic Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong panel in 2003 to a select forty four member national panel that was more diverse and met the ever changing requirements of the medico-legal industry in the 2000ís.  Charles and his staff managed to achieve continued growth in the company despite the many operational changes in the industry.



His undergraduate qualifications are in the Environmental Health field and he has had extensive experience working in the public health sector.  He has additional qualifications in Tropical Diseases, Food Hygiene, Audiometry, and Air Pollution.  Whilst employed in environmental health Charles was involved in a number of national committees responsible for public health legislation and the compilation of staff training modules.  He also assisted in the drawing up national Codes of Practice in a number of areas, and was a part time lecturer in public health to nursing students.



Prior to his involvement in the sports franchise business, Charles was employed for a number of years at a senior management level in the pharmaceutical industry for large multi-national companies including Bristol Myers Squibb, and Smith and Nephew.  During this time he also completed a post graduate qualification in Business Administration.



Charles retains his love of sport having played representative soccer, hockey, softball, and indoor cricket.  Whilst he no longer coaches soccer, he is still actively involved in the Kuring-Gai Hornsby district as a football referee in the KDSA league and Twilight Summer competition. He also enjoys wetting a line in his spare time and sharing a bottle of wine with friends and family.



Charles is married to Jeanette and they have two adult sons.

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